Understanding the Process of Getting Immediate Dentures

Understanding the Process of Getting Immediate Dentures_FI


A captivating smile is the best social asset that you can wear! 

A perfect and healthy set of teeth makes smiles beautiful, but not everyone has an ideal set of teeth, which sometimes may break people’s confidence. 

Dental issues like tooth loss are common in older adults. Around 13.2% of adults over 65 suffer from tooth loss, which can lead to chewing problems, speech issues, jawbone loss, and impact your facial aesthetics. 

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Fortunately, now we have immediate false teeth dentures to fix a missing tooth problem and restore oral function. An immediate denture is a removable dental appliance placed right after tooth extraction, providing patients with functional teeth during healing. 

In this article, we shall discuss about: 

  • The Role of Immediate Dentures in Fixing Your Smile
  • Process of Immediate Implants Explained!
  • The Added Benefits of Adjacent Dentures
  • Are Immediate Dentures A Good Idea?

Continue reading to learn more about immediate dentures and how they can help people with missing teeth. 

The Role of Immediate Dentures in Fixing Your Smile

Immediate dentures are removable dental appliances inserted into the mouth right after the natural teeth have been extracted. These are pre-made, providing patients with a functional set of teeth without the usual waiting time associated with traditional denture creation. 

Adjacent implants by an emergency dentist in Branson, MO, help preserve oral function and appearance during the initial healing period following tooth extraction. Customized to fit the individual’s oral structure, they can be adjusted as the gums and underlying tissues heal.

Process of Immediate Implants Explained!

Denture Dentistry aims to ensure that patients do not face any difficulty or experience inconvenience during the healing period after the tooth extraction. Here are the details that explain the process of adjacent implants. 

Stage I – Initial Assessment

Opting for the adjacent implant process involves thoroughly evaluating the patient’s oral health. Dentists conduct a comprehensive examination, employing tools like impressions and X-rays to assess the condition of the patient’s teeth and gums. This evaluation guides decisions regarding tooth extraction and the suitability of adjacent implants as a viable option.

Stage II – Treatment Planning

After your oral examination is over, the dentist formulates a treatment plan. This plan lists the extraction of teeth and the subsequent fabrication of adjacent implants. It serves as a roadmap for the dental team and provides the patient with a transparent overview of proposed procedures, addresses concerns, and setting realistic expectations.

Stage III – Tooth Extraction

In the third stage, your dentist removes the identified tooth or teeth on the appointed extraction day. The experts at Branson Family Dentist carefully examine and prepare you for the extraction, making necessary adjustments to improve the fit and stability of the adjacent implants. This step is crucial for successfully integrating dentures with the patient’s oral anatomy.

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Stage IV – Impression for Dentures 

Immediately after tooth extraction, impressions of the patient’s oral tissues are taken. These impressions serve as molds for creating implants. Precision in this step is paramount to ensure accurate and comfortable implants that mimic the natural contours of the patient’s mouth.

Stage V – Denture Fabrication 

Denture fabrication generally takes place in the fifth stage of your treatment process. In this stage, your dentist sends the impressions to a laboratory, where skilled technicians custom-fabricate your oral appliance. They craft your denture from acrylic materials, prioritizing functionality and aesthetics for your mouth. The goal is to create dentures that look natural and provide optimal comfort and support.

Stage VI – Fitting Appointment 

Once the immediate implants are ready, the patient returns for a fitting appointment. During this session, the dentist ensures that the appliance fits correctly, making necessary adjustments for enhanced comfort and stability. This step is crucial for the patient’s comfort and satisfaction with the prosthetic dentures.

Stage VII – Post-Insertion Care and Follow-Up 

Patients receive detailed instructions on caring for their immediate dentures, covering topics such as cleaning and maintenance. Regular follow-up appointments are scheduled to monitor the healing process and make any necessary adjustments to the implants. This ongoing care is essential for the overall success and longevity of the implants.

The Added Benefits of Adjacent Dentures

Immediate tooth denture offers various advantages for individuals undergoing tooth extraction. Here are some key benefits:

1. Prompt Tooth Replacement:

Adjacent implants provide a swift solution for those requiring tooth extraction, ensuring individuals do not have to endure a period without teeth. By supporting the underlying tissues, immediate dentures help maintain the face’s natural contours, preventing a sunken appearance that can result from tooth loss.

2. Speech Improvement: 

These appliance help maintain normal speech patterns, mitigating any potential impact on pronunciation and articulation associated with tooth loss. This way, you can not only look good or feel better but also present yourself socially. 

3. Minimal Adjustment Period: 

Compared to the waiting time for gums to heal before receiving any oral appliance, adjacent implants allow for a quicker adaptation, enabling individuals to resume regular activities sooner.

4. Gum Protection and Healing: 

Acting as a protective barrier during the initial healing phase, adjacent dentures help minimize bleeding, reduce infection risk, and shield surgical sites from trauma. False teeth molars also restore chewing function and improve aesthetics immediately post-extraction, enabling individuals to eat, smile, and interact confidently.

5. Gradual Fit Refinement: 

As gums heal and reshape, adjustments to adjacent dentures can be made to ensure a comfortable and secure fit over time. Maintaining a natural-looking smile with adjacent implants positively influences self-esteem and psychological well-being, avoiding the emotional challenges of toothless periods.

6. Effective Communication with Dentists: 

The immediate denture process facilitates direct communication between patients and dentists during the crucial post-extraction phase, addressing concerns promptly for optimal outcomes.

Are Immediate Dentures A Good Idea?

Immediate dentures offer a rapid solution for those seeking prompt teeth replacement. Acting as a transitional measure during the healing phase, they allow patients to regain their smiles promptly. 

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However, it’s important to note potential challenges, such as necessary adjustments during the healing process and the possible need for a follow-up set of implants for a more precise and enduring fit. 

The decision to opt for denture teeth should be made in consultation with a dental professional, considering individual circumstances and preferences.


  • Around 13.2% of adults have reported tooth loss, leaving them with limited or no options for tooth replacement. 
  • Adjacent implants are functional and removable dental appliances that involve the extraction of teeth and the fabrication of new appliances. 
  • These appliances are designed to improve chewing functionality, speech clarity, and facial aesthetics, among other oral functions.
  • Immediate dentures are a rapid solution for those looking for real-time teeth replacement. Know more about the treatment with our experts at Branson Dental Centre today! 

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