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Questions from our patients


Question: When should I bring my child in for their first visit to the dentist?
Answer from Dr. Arielle: The ADA recommends by age 1 or within 6 months of eruption of their first tooth


Question: What does it mean when my child’s permanent teeth are coming in with white spots on them?
Answer from Dr. Arielle: White spots result during the development of the enamel of the adult teeth-this can happen if the child is sick early on or mother is sick during the end of pregnancy or if the child is given too much fluoride during the time the permanent teeth are developing in the child’s body.


Question: What are signs of an abscessed tooth, my child has red gums and irritation, does that mean there is an infection?
Answer from Dr. Arielle: Signs and symptoms are a bubble or pimple near the gum line of a tooth, pain, swelling etc. Not all red gums/irritation could mean infection. Could be ulceration/viral etc. Ulcerations can be caused by trauma by food or toothbrush or injury. Viral usually coincides with fever/sickness.


Question: My child was hit in the mouth and now they have a tooth that is slightly darker than the others, will the color return or will it always be dark?
Answer from Dr. Arielle: Yes the color will always be darker. This is due to the nerve dying due to trauma. Usually this is not a problem in a primary/baby tooth unless it results in infection which could affect the development of the tooth’s permanent successor (the adult tooth developing underneath it)- question 2


Question: When do you recommend sealants?
Answer from Dr. Arielle: As soon as the biting surface of the first and second molars is through the gums completely-First molars typically erupt at age 6 and second molars at age 12. This is not always the case as some kids develop faster than others.


Question: How soon can my child start in braces?
Answer from Dr. Arielle: Usually after all baby teeth are lost and adult successors and second molars are erupted. However, some cases need to be sooner due to severe crowding or if the adult teeth are not at a position that they can erupt in a healthy manner-this is why it is important to have pano to evaluate if all teeth are present, because sometimes they can be congenitally missing (meaning the adult tooth never developed at all), or if teeth are erupting upright and not sideways causing damage to adjacent teeth.

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