Is A Crown Necessary After A Root Canal?

Do You Need A Crown After A Root Canal?

Have you undergone a root canal surgery recently? Congratulations on recovering your overall oral health!

But did you know that out of 10.9 million root canal treatments, most individuals must opt for a root canal after a crown?

This mostly protects your teeth and keeps them strong for years. Moreover, a crown could be the finishing touch you need. 

In this blog, we take a closer look at the different aspects of root canal to understand:

  • What Is A Root Canal Treatment?
  • What Is A Crown?
  • Root Canal And Crown: Why They Are A Good Idea?
  • Do You Need A Crown After A Root Canal?
  • It Depends On Your Teeth!

Let’s explore these topics individually in the following sections. 


Dental crowns and root canal treatment go hand-in-hand! 

More often, patients are required to wear a dental crown after they’ve undergone a root canal procedure. 

But how do you know whether or not you need a crown after a root canal? Let’s find out as we learn more about the procedure in detail in the sections below.

What Is A Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal treatment involves the root of your tooth. Our teeth have layers, too, which, when left unprotected, start producing bacteria, which in turn becomes decay. 

Over time, the bacteria can react to the inner layers of the tooth (dentin) and pulp (jelly-like center containing blood vessels and nerves). Once the pulp roots are infected, exposed, or damaged, it can result in: 

  • Gums swelling
  • Tooth sensitivity or pain
  • Tooth loss or bone loss
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Tooth abscess

A root canal treatment removes the inner layers of the tooth. Your pulp cavity and root canal are cleansed, filled with synthetic pulp, and sealed during this treatment. An effective root canal restores your tooth’s native appearance and function, keeping any new infections at bay.

However, although root canal therapy can preserve a tooth, it cannot repair cosmetic or structural damage to the tooth. Once the inner tissue or enamel is removed, your tooth may require a root canal crown procedure to give it a natural look. 

What Is A Crown?

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped “caps” attached to your original tooth. It’s kind of like a small little teeth helmet. The crown restores the tooth’s strength, form, size, and look.

These appliances are placed on the gum line and are the visible part of your cavity. Opting for a crown before a root canal allows you to compensate for lost teeth while giving you an aesthetic appeal.  

Root Canal And Crown: Why They Are A Good Idea?

The tooth pulp, which is frequently inflammatory, diseased, or necrosed, is removed during a root canal operation. After that, the area is cleansed and filled with a biocompatible filler substance. 

Here are some frequent scenarios where a crown treatment is necessary:

Your Tooth May Be Weak

Tooth deterioration and removing a considerable quantity of dental tissue during a root canal weaken the tooth. Tooth decay combined with a root canal increases the likelihood of the tooth cracking under the strain of regular chewing and grinding. A crown works as a cap for the root canal and protects the tooth by covering it, strengthening its exterior structure, and preventing future damage.

Bruxism & Tooth Discolouration

Those who grind and clench their teeth, often known as bruxism, usually require a dental crown following root canal therapy. Bruxism may weaken perfectly healthy teeth; imagine what a hollowed-out tooth might do.

What’s more? A root canal or an oral decay could also result in dental discoloration. For aesthetic reasons, a crown is the best option in such situations. 

Previous Restorations

If a root canal is performed on a tooth already treated for tooth decay, the tooth will likely develop another issue. A crown fully encases the tooth and protects it from further infections.

Do You Need A Crown After A Root Canal?

When undergoing a root canal treatment, many individuals confuse themselves by thinking of dental crown vs. root canal. 

Sadly, the notion is entirely wrong! 

You need a dental crown after a root canal procedure in most cases. However, there are different factors to determine whether you need the appliance. 

For instance, if you’ve already had a dental crown that breaks during the root canal treatment, you might need to replace it. However, if a surface fracture or deterioration is minimal, it may be possible to cover it with resin instead of having a full dental crown.

Besides, a crown isn’t always necessary if you have good oral health or have healthy teeth on either side of your jaw. 

Here’s an overview of different instances that suggest whether or not you need oral crowns: 

  • Tooth Location

The pressure applied to the front teeth differs from that of the molars. After a root canal, they can be repaired with a dental filling and left without a crown.

  • Minimal Damage

The more damaged or diseased the tooth, the more probable you may require a dental crown. If the dentist or endodontist needs to remove a significant amount of the tooth during the root canal operation, you will almost certainly require a crown to reinforce the tooth.

It Depends On Your Teeth!

Whether you need dental crown root canal treatment significantly depends on the state of your tooth. 

If the tooth is a molar, premolar, or one of the rear grinding teeth, it will require a dental crown after the root canal procedure. These teeth must be kept strong since they are used repeatedly throughout the day when eating.

If the tooth has already been injured or is much weaker due to removing all the pulp, a dentist often places a cap over it to keep it strong and avoid additional damage.


  • Dental crowns and root canal treatment go hand-in-hand! 
  • Dental crowns are tooth-shaped “caps” attached to your original tooth.
  • Whether you need dental crown root canal treatment significantly depends on the state of your tooth. 

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