Exploring the Benefits of Dental Implants in Missouri

Exploring the Benefits of Dental Implants in Missouri_FI


Living with missing or multiple teeth can hamper your smile’s aesthetic appeal and self-confidence. This is a severe concern, with more than 178 million American citizens missing at least one tooth and 40 million missing multiple or all their teeth.

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This is where the implant procedure comes into the picture to make things easier for people with missing teeth. These implants have transformed many lives, improving your smile and confidence.

However, getting dental implants without understanding the implications and perks is not a wise decision. 

Considering the same, this blog lists out different aspects of oral fixtures, namely:

  • Understanding Dental Implants – The Gateway to Perfect Smile!
  • Essential Benefits of Opting For Dental Implants
  • Prevalent Misconceptions About Oral Fixtures

Continue reading as we explore these topics in more detail in the following sections. 

Understanding Dental Implants – The Gateway to Perfect Smile!

Dental implants have many characteristics that make them the ideal choice for most people with a missing tooth. With a success rate of 97%, fixtures can last for decades when cared for properly. 

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This artificial tooth is designed to function as a base for a removable or fixed tooth replacement. Over the years, oral fixtures have become very popular as an integral part of restorative dentistry. 

Insight Into the Treatment

Getting a tooth implant can help you restore normalcy to your life with a seamless ability to talk, eat, and smile confidently. 

The dental implant procedure requires dentists to use a local anesthetic for surgery that might last up to 90 minutes. But thanks to the intricacies of this process, completing the entire process can take anywhere between 6-12 months. 

Essential Benefits of Opting For Dental Implants

As you might have guessed, implant surgery offers many benefits compared to other alternatives. So, let’s take a closer look at these benefits to get a better understanding.    

Unmatched Comfort and Convenience 

Unmatched comfort and convenience are two of the most important factors driving the popularity of oral fixtures. Compared to most other restorative procedures, the process of dental implants is far less invasive. 

Undergoing these procedures generally causes minimal pain to the patient during recovery and ensures you continue living your usual life. This also helps facilitate speedy recovery, ensuring you don’t miss out on anything during or after the procedures.   

Improved Oral Health 

Better oral health is another very apparent benefit of getting implants. These fixtures do an excellent job of mimicking the function of natural teeth. This allows you to bite and talk without any complications.

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Besides that, you must also acknowledge that dental fixtures help support neighboring teeth. This helps reduce the risk of developing gum diseases or cavities resulting from tooth decay or infection.    

Extended Longevity and Durability 

Dental implants in Missouri are one of the most reliable alternatives today for replacing a missing tooth or teeth. These oral fixtures are made of durable material, and since they are fixed to the jawbone, an implant can last for decades as long as you ensure proper care. 

This differs from conventional dentures or bridges you might need to replace every five years. Instead, you can get fixtures and a life-long solution to the problem of your missing tooth.     

Aesthetics and Self-Confidence  

Apart from functionality, improved aesthetics and a boost in self-confidence are the most common reasons for getting tooth implant surgery. It is no secret that living with a missing tooth or teeth can attract many negative thoughts and hamper your self-confidence. 

But this should not be a concern for people with oral implants since they easily blend with the rest of your natural teeth. This will help you get a more youthful and attractive appearance with the ideal facial structure. As a result, you tend to feel more confident about yourself.     

Bone Loss Prevention 

When you lose a tooth, you tend to lose your jawbone’s thickness due to general friction. An implant can help prevent bone loss by stressing the part of the mouth. This is a significant development, considering tooth loss can result in over 30% loss of the alveolar ridge.

More studies suggested that implants can noticeably affect the 

alveolar ridge responsible for containing the tooth socket. These fixtures help slow down the bone resorption rate, which helps minimize or slow down the bone loss process.   

Prevalent Misconceptions About Oral Fixtures

Despite dental implants being around for quite some time, there are still many misconceptions deterring people from accessing the treatment’s benefits. Addressing these misconceptions is vital for helping people decide about getting oral fixtures. 

Here are some common misconceptions suggested by experts at Branson Family Dentist:

  1. Implants Are Painful: It is fair to say that nobody is excited about drilling a hole right into their jawbones. But thanks to modern advancements in medical science, you need not worry about experiencing this pain. You will receive a local anesthetic to mitigate pain during or even after the procedure’s completion.      
  1. Vulnerable to Failure: Many believe dental implant procedures are risky. But in reality, the story is entirely different as implants are one of these few restorative oral procedures that boast a success rate of 97%. While impressive, it also ensures you don’t sweat over risks when getting an implant.  


  • Dental implants are artificial tooth roots designed to function as a base for a removable or fixed tooth replacement. 
  • Unmatched comfort and convenience, bone loss prevention, unmatched durability, enhanced aesthetics, and better oral health are some of the most notable benefits of fixtures. 
  • Don’t just dream of the perfect smile; use it at our clinic today. Visit Branson Dental Care to know more!

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