3D Scan

3d Scan machine

A 3D scan is an x-ray technique that produces images of your body that visualize internal structures in cross sections, rather than the overlapping images typically produced by conventional x-ray exams.

Conventional x-rays of your mouth limits us to only see a 2-D visualization. The diagnosis and treatment planning of your mouth is more thorough with a 3-D visualization. 3D implants, extractions, and dental restorative procedures. There are numerous benefits of 3-D scans and a greater chance for finding conditions which can be missed on conventional films. The 3D scan enhances your dentist’s ability to see what he/she needs to see before the treatment is started.

Galileos scan images

3D scans, like conventional X-Rays, expose you to radiation. Radiation does can be measured as it is distributed over the whole body which is called the effective or equivalent does. The effective does is the easiest to understand because it compares the x-ray does to the equivalent background exposure that we receive from our everyday environment. The effective does you will be exposed to by the 3D scan used by this office is approximately equivalent to the exposure you would get from 1.5 days of background exposure.

Other parts of your anatomy beyond your mouth and jaw are evident on the scan but we will not diagnose conditions present in those areas, nor will we look for any abnormal conditions in those areas. Our dentists are not physicians or specialists that are qualified to make those determinations. Our office may recommend an evaluation of your scan by an Oral Maxillofacial Radiologist there is an additional administrative fee.

3D scans are NOT recommended for pregnant women.