What is a T-Scan?

image of T-Scan technology

The T-Scan is the only tool that can measure the force of a patient’s bite. It allows the dentist to see not only the order of tooth contact, but also the force of each contact. The T-Scan software computes the forces of all the teeth and instantly summarizes this information for our dentists, allowing them to view a diagnostic display that is accessible with the click of a mouse. T-Scans allow our doctors to identify problem areas with your bite. Often times, minor bite adjustments can make an incredible difference your total well-being. Many patients report fewer headaches and diminished TMJ issues. 

Your T-Scan bite adjustment will be done in 3 appointments with Dr. Tallon at Branson Dental Center. Please call our office to schedule at Branson Dental Center Phone Number 417-336-8478.

 T-Scan image example
 A photo of a T-Scan image example